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CCC Critical Care Compendium 680

Fixed dilated pupil DDx

Suspect herniation due to an intracranial mass lesion as a cause of fixed dilated pupil in an unconscious patient. A fixed dilated pupil in an awake patient is NOT due to herniation.

Adie syndrome

Holmes-Adie syndrome (aka Adie syndrome) affects the autonomic nervous system. Patients present with the pupil of one eye being larger and only slowly constricts in bright light (tonic pupil). There is also absence of deep tendon reflexes, usually the Achilles tendon.
Sir Gordon Morgan Holmes (1876 – 1965) 340

Gordon Morgan Holmes

Sir Gordon Morgan Holmes (1876 – 1965) was an Irish neurologist. The works of Gordon Holmes are often cited as having a foundational influence on our understanding of the clinical symptoms and signs of cerebellar lesions Biography Born 1876 Died…