William John Adie

William John Adie (1886 – 1935)

William John Adie (1886-1935) was an Australian neurologist.

Best known for describing the tonically dilated pupil (Adie pupil) associated with absent deep tendon reflexes (Adie syndrome) and his description of narcolepsy

  • Born 31 October 1886 Geelong, Australia
  • 1932 – Co-founder of the Association of British Neurologists; first meeting 28 July at the house of Gordon Morgan Holmes
  • Died 17 March 1935

Medical Eponyms
Adie Syndrome (1931)

Holmes-Adie syndrome (aka Adie syndrome) affects the autonomic nervous system. Patients present with the pupil of one eye being larger and only slowly constricts in bright light (tonic pupil). There is also absence of deep tendon reflexes, usually the Achilles tendon.

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