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Postcards from the edge LITFL 340

Talking about Global Health Drinks

aka Postcards from the Edge 005 Whilst most of our postcard stories of international medicine come from far flung locations telling tales of adventurous and exotic medical experiences, one could argue that a lot of international medical work starts at…

Postcards from the edge LITFL 340

A Postcard from the Edge

Associate Professor Chris Curry has ventured the globe doing things as adventurous as Antarctic expedition medicine since becoming an Emergency Physician
Zambia LITFL Nickson 340

A Change in Condition

I went to Africa a student and came back a doctor. It is easy to forget the growing pains of the student-to-doctor metamorphosis. For me, the once vague notion of becoming a doctor was made real when I traveled to Zambia to work on the wards of St. Francis Hospital (SFH) in Katete