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André Lemierre

André-Alfred Lemierre (1875 – 1956) was a French bacteriologist. Best known for his 1836 publication on the condition now known as Lemierre syndrome
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Ultrasound Case 097

A 47 year old previously healthy man presents with sore throat / neck, dry cough and shortness of breath for 2 weeks. This had not improved despite inhalers and a course of antibiotics. He also describes widespread aches and pains including in both calves. There is some swelling in his right lower neck and you wonder whether it is lymphadenopathy, an abscess or something else.
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Lemierre syndrome

Lemierre syndrome is thrombophlebitis of the internal jugular (IJ) vein and bacteraemia caused by primarily anaerobic organisms, following a recent oropharyngeal infection

Just a sore throat

aka ENT Equivocation 002 A 38 year old male with a background history of type 2 diabetes presents with fevers, rigors and pain on swallowing. There is no sign of impending airway compromise; however, marked trismus is noted. The following…