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Top 10 Foreign Bodies

These are my top 10 foreign bodies, found on X-ray. From time to time little things get lost. Whether you are playing billiards naked in the dark; counting money with your tongue; battling with an electric rolling pin; or just 'slipping' whilst in the shower….

Charles Bertrand

Charles AHA Bertrand (1777-1849) was a French physician; Least recognised for his self-experimentation with charcoal as an antidote for ingested poisonings.

Little Willie the Poisoner

The ‘Little Willy‘ is a genre of short poems with an obscure origin but almost certainly inspired by, or inspired, the ‘Ruthless Rhymes‘ of ‘Harry’ Graham.

Mercury toxicity

Fortunately mercury poisoning is very rare. The risk of toxicity depends on the type of mercury you have been exposed to. Elemental mercury is found in thermometers, barometers, paints, and pigments, these are benign presentations unless aerosolised
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Poisoning by a mercury thermometer

Your next patient is an 80 year old man suffering from Alzheimer's dementia. He was brought into the ED by his wife and daughter who are his care-givers. He had a recent catheter-associated urinary tract infection and his daughter was checking his temperature orally with a mercury thermometer 30 minutes previously.