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Ultrasound Case 018

An 18 year old rugby player presents after after an accidental kick to the face. He has a severe periorbital haematoma and you are worried about globe injury but cannot pry his eyelids apart enough to assess the anterior chamber or pupillary function. Can ultrasound help?
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Blunt Trauma to the Eye

Your Emergency Department Director decided that a team-building exercise at the local boxing gym would be a good idea. You are left to hold the fort at work. Blunt ocular trauma
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Blinded By The Light

A man has intense bilateral eye pain and refuses to open his eyes after a day of welding, surfing and lying on a sunbed. What is the diagnosis and emergency management?
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Blown out

A 26 year-old man presents with left periorbital swelling and double vision after being hit in the eye by a high-speed squash ball.