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Rabies MCQ

So you can't get enough of tropical medicine and you want to be tested to the extremes of altitude medicine or you are feverish for some tropical torment then this is the page to get your fix of ACT, RIG or schizont. Get your rabies MCQ fix now.
Tropical Medicine Library 340

Rabies Immunoglobulin (RIG)

Risk has also been categorised as low in those animals that are healthy and can be observed versus high risk in those that are wild, unwell or can not be observed. Human rabies immunoglobulin (HRIG) is taken from the plasma…

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Bats, not just for rabies anymore

A timely post about bats during the Halloween season. This paper is a well written review by the CDC and Emory University of the emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) from bats. While long, at 17 pages (13 with 4 pages of…

Tropical Travel Trouble

Frothing Mad

Frothing mad. Tropical Travel Clinical Case. Rabies aetiology, diagnosis, differential, management, treatment and prophylaxis