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Redback Spider

Redback Spider bites are the most common envenoming in Australia. Venom is from the latrodectus genus which is abundant in different countries around the world. Some of which use antivenom and some do not. This is a hot debated topic in toxicology and will shall explain further in this post.
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Bitten by a Redback Spider

A 27 year-old woman felt a sting on the back of the right leg while pulling on her tracksuit pants. She investigated further and discovered a small black spider, with a red-stripe on its back, crawling around in her tracksuit pants.
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Is this a RedBack I see before me?

Doctor X has just assessed a 44 year-old male who thinks he was bitten or stung by something under his house three days ago. The initial discomfort was mild and localized to his right forearm. However the pain traveled up his arm over the next few hours.
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Spider envenoming

Spider envenoming: In Australia the only two spiders of real importance = Funnel-web and the Red-Back; only these two can cause death or severe systemic illness
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Has the bell tolled for redback antivenom?

Redback spider bites are of decent medical importance, if you live in Australia or any of the places they’ve been carried to by humans. Their venom inflicts you with pain that can be local, regional, or generalized. It can also…