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James Paget

Sir James Paget (1814 - 1899) was a renowned English surgeon. In a career spanning eight decades, with research and practice in surgery, as well as serving the royal family during Queen Victoria’s reign
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Paget’s disease of the nipple

Description Paget’s disease of the nipple; disorder of the nipple-areola complex (NAC). Characterised chiefly by eczema like changes, it is a condition associated with underlying cancer of the breast. Clinical signs include: Hardening of the NAC Crusting A lumpy or…

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Paget’s disease of bone

Paget's disease of bone is a metabolic disorder of the bone, resulting in deformation and pain. It most commonly affects the axial skeleton; pelvis, lumbo-sacral spine, skull, femur and tibia. Diagnostic imaging is a key part of modern day diagnosis, and many cases are in fact incidental findings.