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Hugh Spear Pemberton (1890-1956) 340

Hugh Pemberton

Hugh Spear Pemberton (1890-1956) was an English physician. Pemberton's description of his manoeuvre and Pemberton Sign appeared in a brief letter to The Lancet in 1946
CCC Critical Care Compendium 680

SVC Obstruction DDx

Obstruction of the superior vena cava results from mediastinal mass lesions. Features include a plethoric and cyanosed face with periorbital oedema, exophthalmos, conjunctival injection, and venous dilatation in the fundi, distended non-pulsatile neck veins and a positive Pemberton sign.
Oncological Quandary 340

From the Hip

Consider a 16 year old who presents with a 3 week history of severe hip pain followed by increasing breathlessness and left sided chest pain. His admission chest X-ray is shown below: