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CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Serotonin Syndrome CCC

Serotonin syndrome results from drug-induced over-stimulation of serotonin receptors in the CNS and is characterized by a triad of CNS dysfunction, autonomic disturbance and neuromuscular effects; aka serotonin toxicity
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Sedative Toxidrome

Sedative toxidrome: agents - opioids; benzodiazepines; barbiturates; baclofen (may mimic brain death, suspect in MS patients); clonidine (mimics opioid toxidrome with marked bradycardia and hypotension) GHB
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Sympatholytic toxidrome

True sympatholytic agents (e.g. alpha-blockers like phentolamine, and vasodilatory agents such as GTN, SNP, etc)≥ Also beta-blocker; ca2+ blocker; clonidine; digoxin
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Hyperthermia-associated toxidromes

Toxidromes associated with hyperthermia may be difficult to distinguish: serotonin syndrome; anticholingeric syndrome; sympathomimetic syndrome; neuroleptic malignant syndrome; malignant hyperthermia