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Vaccination Hesitancy 340

Vaccination Hesitancy

Review of the different motivations for vaccine “hesitancy” or “refusal” with discussion on vaccination hesitancy in the model of a new syndrome
Tropical Medicine Library 340

Rabies Vaccine

Indications and Role: The UK recommends a vaccine called Rabipur or Rabies vaccine BP. These are both freeze dried chick embryo cells or human diploid cells retrospectively with inactivated virus. Once reconstituted they should be used within the hour. Administration and…

Tropical Medicine Library 340

Diphtheria Vaccine

The vaccine is made from a cell-free purified toxin extracted from a strain of C. diphtheriae and treated with formaldehyde which converts it into a diphtheria toxoid. These are NOT live vaccines and can not cause the diphtheria.
Tropical Medicine Library 340

Cholera Vaccine

Cholera has a 50% mortality if left untreated. Find out when to give the vaccine and how best to protect yourself via our A-Z tropical vaccine library.

The Wilyman PhD

My thoughts on Judy Wilyman's overly wordy collation of the global anti-vaccination lobby arguments, wrapped up in a 390 page opinion piece (sorry, pHD)

hot & spotty #2…

the case. A 14 year old boy is bought to ED with a 4 day history of fevers. His parents are concerned as this rampant red rash has rapidly spread across his body overnight….