The Math of Music

It is the end of the week – for some people – and time to reward yourself with some audiovisual stimulation, Something to energise your very core…Visual graphics bring familiar music to life and allow the listener to really ‘see’ the music

Stephen Malinowski experiments with his Music Animation Machine to provide a visual manifestation of timbre, rhythm, tonality, reflection and triadic relationships. His experimental work on demonstrating bowing structure is well demonstrated with his experimental work on Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G, prelude (BWV 1007).

In this video we see a “caterpillar” walking between notes, with the notes highlighted by “harmonic colouring“. The colour of the caterpillar is a mixture of the colour of the current note and the note that was just previously played and the width of the caterpillar corresponds to the loudness.

Performed by Vito Paternoster; recording courtesy of Magnatune

If you prefer the full orchestral score then…sit back and relax to this audiovisual extravaganza on full screen.

If you enjoyed the audiovisual stimulation – then check out this documentary – A brief history of The Music Animation Machine and related musical explorations of Stephen Malinowski

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