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Top 10 Foreign Bodies

These are my top 10 foreign bodies, found on X-ray. From time to time little things get lost. Whether you are playing billiards naked in the dark; counting money with your tongue; battling with an electric rolling pin; or just 'slipping' whilst in the shower….

The Stolen Case

Friday October the 15th is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Clare Skinner shares a story about loss and asks us to reflect on how we might care for patients and colleagues better. A trigger warning – discussion of…


House of God

It has been many years since I first read 'The House of God' by Samuel Shem, back before I even started medical school. It made me wonder what the hell I was getting myself into.
How to be EPIC LITFL

How to be EPIC

Let it never be said that we resist change. We, the consultants in my ED, have been reinvented. We are now EPIC (...the Imperious).
How to be EPIC LITFL

How to Be Kind

I seem to constantly skirt trouble. Writing and medicine are fractious bedfellows – a marriage not always congenial. Recently I missed the turnoff to wisdom...
How to be EPIC LITFL

How to Read an ECG

Interpreting ECG’s is trickier than you think. One must have a system that will stand up to the pummel of ED situations and environmental influences

Flu Season

Evening shift. I stare at the computer screen, frustration and mild panic rising within me. Maybe if I look for long enough the Tetris game of too many patients and not enough cubicles will magically rearrange itself
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Phonetic alphabet

Probably the two most potentially useful skills I learnt in the army were ironing (a skill I try to avoid putting to use at any cost) and knowledge of the phonetic alphabet.