Top 10 AI Courses for Clinicians

Do AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Merative, and Cleerly pique your interest? Then these 10 artificial intelligence courses for doctors are worth looking into. Conversations are currently happening all around us regarding the future of AI in medicine, and how it is revolutionising healthcare. Getting on board the AI train is crucial as it not only helps you acquire an exciting new clinical skill but also helps ease your workload.

Today we are witnessing the application of AI in healthcare across administrative workflows, imaging, virtual health, and even robot-assisted surgeries. Whether you consider AI an opportunity or a threat, or are simply unsure of your take on it, the reality remains that currently AI is omnipresent. So, why not learn about its implementations within healthcare and stay at the forefront of medicine?  

Top online artificial intelligence courses for healthcare providers

If you want to dive into the topic of artificial intelligence in medicine, courses that cover topics such as the applications of AI, ChatGPT essentials, AI in medical imaging, and machine learning in healthcare cover the essential knowledge you need to get started. We have included both free and paid options.

1. ChatGPT Essentials for Clinicians

Cost: Free access to the entire course

Publisher: Medmastery

ChatGPT has generated a lot of buzz since its inception, and rightly so. The AI language learning model makes it possible to use AI prompts and task automations in tons of industries, including the healthcare sector. Today ChatGPT can ease a clinician’s workload by optimising a multitude of administrative tasks outside of direct patient contact. 

This course consists of 14 short lessons. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • A framework to understand how ChatGPT works and how to integrate it into your healthcare career
  • The differences between Bing Chat vs ChatGPT
  • How to use ChatGPT to generate medical and academic texts
  • How to enhance your learning experience with this tool 

Sign up for a trial account on Medmastery to get full access to the course content and their AI prompting tool. 

2. AI in Medicine certificate

Cost: 750 USD

Publisher: University of Illinois

This certificate course by the University of Illinois offers CE credits and covers applications of AI within medicine, machine learning, and data-driven decision topics. You will also learn the selection, purchase, and deployment criteria of AI medical software.

This is a great course for doctors, nurse practitioners, and medical students looking to understand the applications of AI in medicine through real-world cases with machine-learning models. 

3. AI for Health Care: Concepts and Applications

Cost: 2600 USD

Publisher: Harvard University

Today’s top artificial intelligence courses for doctors often cover concepts and AI applications aimed at addressing the current productivity crisis in the healthcare field. This course will teach you just that. It covers several AI solutions that are helping overcome long-term healthcare challenges. 

You will learn how AI is used in diagnosis and precision medicine. The course aims to combine your clinical expertise and AI skill set to improve medical image reviews, use patient data for specialised care, and increase productivity. 

4. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Cost:  1100 British pounds

Publisher: University of Central Lancashire

Similar to the other foundational AI courses in our list, this course will teach you to get ready for a digital health workforce. It will cover the usage of AI in clinical decision-making, the limitations of AI in healthcare, and deep neural networking. You will also learn an ethical framework in the application of AI in medicine.

5. AI in Family Medicine: Transforming Your Practice

Cost: Free 

Publisher: American Academy of Family Physicians

This 3-part course is for family medicine practitioners looking to learn how to use AI to reduce administrative task burdens, improve patient care, and enhance their practice. It will also cover machine-learning solutions that are currently implemented in primary care.

6. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Clinical Practice


  • Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) member physicians: 40 USD
  • Non-member physicians: 90 USD
  • Allied health professionals / other: 32 USD
  • MMS resident / student member: free            
  • Non-member resident / student: 20 USD   

Publisher: Massachusetts Medical Society

AI technologies are found in many fields including imaging, cardiology, research, analytics, and surgery. This artificial intelligence course is for clinicians who are interested in learning about both current and future implications of AI in medicine, including clinical implementations to improve patient care.

7. Solutions for the Future of Healthcare with AI

Cost: 2600 USD

Publisher: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The AI-based global healthcare solutions are projected to reach $203 Billion USD by 2030, and this course will cover the current and future implementations of AI tools. It includes healthcare simulations based on AI decision frameworks, machine learning technologies, and future-driven patient care solutions.

8. AI Based Medicine Technical Expertise CME

Cost: 200 USD

Publisher: University of Florida

If medical coding in Python interests you, then this foundational AI and Python programming course is for you. This is a great course for doctors interested in data science, task automation, and the Jupyter platform to gain a better understanding of AI tools and research inquiry. 

9. AI and Medical Imaging

Cost: 975 Euros

Publisher: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Medical imaging technologies are on a transformative path to amalgamate AI and clinician expertise. This course will explain how AI is being adopted in clinical radiology and medical imaging. It will cover AI analysis of images, its ethical challenges, and the clinical responsibilities required while using AI technologies.

10. Current Applications and Future of Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology

Cost: 675–825 USD

Publisher: Mayo Clinic

According to the IPSOS Digital Doctor 2023 global survey, 68% of the physician participants were excited about the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare, and rightly so! Today AI technologies have made great strides in improving patient care, preventing burnout in healthcare, and supporting clinical decisions. This course focuses on AI in cardiology and evaluates the applications of AI in cardiology imaging, quality care, and diagnosis.

Artificial intelligence in medicine: courses are a key tool for keeping up!

We hope that our list of the top 10 artificial intelligence courses for doctors will help you jump on the bandwagon of AI innovation and stay on top of all the new developments.


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