AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is popping up everywhere these days! To help you stay ahead of the curve as you navigate this tech-infused future we are going to do a deep dive into how AI fits into healthcare.

We’ll pull the best information to the top and analyse it for you, assessing the pros and cons of using AI in various aspects of your work. Granted, that may sound very futuristic – but we’ll sort through the hype and help you find out exactly what AI can actually do.

Here’s a sample of some of the areas that we’ll look at, to see how AI fits in:

  1. Administration (e.g. data analysis)
  2. Self-learning (e.g. simplifying complex concepts and creating study materials)
  3. Patient care (e.g. improving communication)
  4. Education (e.g. creating lesson plans)
  5. Examination (e.g. generating multiple choice questions)
  6. Research (e.g. summarising, comparing, analysing publications)

We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

Introduction to AI in healthcare

AI-assisted learning in medicine

AI-assisted career development for healthcare professionals

  • The best AI tools for job applications
  • AI assistance with complaint letters

AI-assisted patient care

  • What are the concerns with using AI for patient care?
  • Are there safe ways to use AI for patient care?
  • Can you use AI as a medical consultant?
  • Can AI help improve communication with patients?

AI-assisted administrative and organisational tools for clinicians, educators, and healthcare executives

AI-assisted writing

  • Using AI to help with emails and other written communication
  • Using AI to write academic papers 
  • The top AI writing tools for doctors