Vasily Parmenovich Obraztsov

Vasily Parmenovich Obraztsov Василий Парменович Образцов (1849-1920) was a Russian physician.

  • Born on January 13, 1849 in Vologda Oblast, Russia
  • Died on December 27, 1920 in Kiev, Ukraine

Medical Eponyms

Obraztsova sign (Obraztsov symptom, Симптом Образцова, Cope psoas test)

Key Medical Attributions

Major Publications

  • Date of birth variable: 1st or 13th of January; in the year 1849 or 1851



Eponymous terms


the person behind the name

Russian Emergency Physician

MBBS BSc (Hons), Imperial College London. Emergency trainee with an interest in research and all things surgical

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