Nikolay Volkovich

Nikolay Markianovich Volkovich (Николай Маркианович Волкович) (1858 – 1928)

Nikolay Markianovich Volkovich (Николай Маркианович Волкович) (1858-1928) was a Ukrainian surgeon.

1898 N. Volkovitch independently began to practice for appendectomy an oblique physiological incision of the abdominal wall, later known as McBurney’s point

Volkovich-Kocher sign – Sign of acute appendicitis: pain, initially arising in the epigastric region (sometimes immediately below the xiphoid process), after a few hours localized in the right illiac fossa

  • Born on December 9, 1858, Horodnia, Ukraine
  • 1888 – Doctor of Medical Sciences
  • 1908 – Head of the Kiev Surgical Society
  • 1914 – Honored Professor of Medicine
  • 1928 – Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Died on July 11, 1928, Kiev, Ukraine

Medical Eponyms

Volkovich-Kocher sign: the appearance of pain in the epigastric region or around the stomach at the beginning of disease with a subsequent shift to the right iliac region.

Medical Attributions

At the beginning of his career he studied ENT surgery. In his first books, he described the problems of performing emergency tracheostomy in chronic ill patients, stages of one well-known method of modern rhinoplasty. “Das Rhinosklerom“, 1889

For surgical treatment of acute cholecystitis N. Volkovich used access through the rectus abdominis muscle. His next monograph is devoted to own surgical technique, where he accentuates that he did not observe a single case of postoperative hernia. “Аппендицит, желчнокаменная болезнь и туберкулезный перитонит”, 1926 г.

He described in detail the types of fractures and their consequences, especially traumas of the skull and spine. Based on these findings, he invented special immobilization devices, which are widely known throughout the world. “Повреждения костей и суставов”, 1928 г.

Major Publications
  • Wolkowitsch, N. Das Rhinosklerom. Archiv für klinische Chirurgie. 1889, pp. 356-418.
  • Волкович М. М. Про особливу форму ураження великих судин кінцівок як одній з причин так зване мимовільної гангрени – Київ, 1890.
  • Волкович М. М. До хірургії і патології жовчнокам’яної хвороби – Київ, 1909.
  • Волкович Н. М. Аппендицит, желчно-каменная болезнь, туберкулезный перитонит – Киев, 1926.
  • Волкович Н. М. Повреждения костей и суставов – Киев, 1928.


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