Wilhelm Fabricius von Hilden

Wilhelm Fabry (1560-1634)

Wilhelm Fabry (1560-1634) was a German neurosurgeon.

Guilielmus Fabricius Hildanus is considered the founder of scientific German surgery.

In Observationum et curationum chirurgicarum centuriæ first published in 1606, he outlines new surgical techniques and surgical instruments for the novel treatment of amputations; nasal polyps; bladder stones; cancer of the breast; hydrocele; hernia; and ascites…to name but a few


  • Born 25 June 1560
  • Died 15 February 1634

Key Medical Attributions

...a small, wasted, six months child, the eldest son of Henry Otho, Esq. This child’s stomach had been, for days, crammed by the nurse or mother with a thick and viscid pultraceous feed…since he was vomiting up everything given by the mouth and was passing nothing through the lower passages, I prescribed one or two nutrient enemata for every day, made from broth to which was added the yolk of an egg and a small quantity of mixed sugars…now perfectly well. Not every obstruction, therefore, of the lower orifice of the stomach is to be considered incurable

Observatio singularis de obstructione pylori XXXIV

Alternate Names…

  • Wilhelm Fabricius von Hilden
  • Fabricius von Hilden
  • Fabricius Hildanus
  • Guilielmus Fabricius Hildanus (Latinized name)
  • Wilhelm Fabry or William Fabry

Major Publications


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