Adolphe-Marie Gubler

Adolphe-Marie Gubler (1821 - 1879)

Adolphe-Marie Gubler (1821 – 1879) was a French physician and therapeutic pharmacologist.

  • Born April 5, 1821
  • 1845 – Interne
  • 1849 – Doctorate in Paris
  • 1865 – Member of Académie de médecine
  • 1868 – Professor of therapeutics, Paris
  • Died April 20, 1879

Medical Eponyms
Millard-Gubler syndrome (1856)

[*aka Gubler paralysis, Gulber syndrome] A pontine lesion affecting the seventh cranial nerve nucleus and the descending pyramidal fibres on one side of the ventral pons, causing homolateral facial paresis and contralateral hemiplegia.

Gubler described and localised this syndrome as “the crossed hemiplegias of the pons” in 1856. However, Auguste Louis Jules Millard (1830-1915) had briefly described the condition a year earlier in 1855 (Extrait du Rapport). Gubler acknowledged Millard’s earlier work, and Millard’s cases were reprinted in 1856 in the pages immediately following Gubler’s publication.

In 1893, Charcot referred to “la paralysie alterne de Gubler” but also acknowledged Millard’s discovery occurring around the same time and justified the use of both names in the eponym.

Other eponyms
  • Gubler line
  • Gubler tumor (1868)

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Physician in training. German translator and lover of medical history.

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