Arthur Bond Cecil

Arthur Bond Cecil (1885 - 1967) in 1912

Arthur Bond Cecil (1885 – 1967) was an American surgeon and urologist.

He published numerous works on urological surgery, particularly in the repair of hypospadias.

Cecil’s name is eponymous with the Cole-Cecil murmur (1908) of aortic regurgitation, and the Cecil operation (1946) for hypospadias repair.


  • Born 8 May 1885, Millersville, Maryland, United States
  • 1905 – B.S. degree from St. Johns College
  • 1909 – MD, Honor graduate Johns Hopkins Medical School
  • 1910 – Graduated from the U.S. Naval Medical School, became Lieutenant commander of the U.S. Navy Medical Reserve Corps
  • 1912-13 – Resident urologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • 1913 – Moved to Los Angeles, and became attending urologist at Good Samaritan Hospital, LA
  • 1932-36 – Chief secretary of urology at Los Angeles Country General Hospital
  • 1932-36 – Professor of urology at the School of Medical Evangelists, LA
  • Died 11 October 1967, Los Angeles, U.S.

Medical Eponyms

  • Cole-Cecil murmur (1908) – early diastolic murmur of aortic insufficiency radiating to the axilla
  • Cecil operation (1946) – hypospadias repair. Penile skin is used for urethroplasty and the newly formed urethra is buried in the scrotum, to be released 6 months later.
  • Cecil-Culp Operation (1966) – hypospadias repair. Modification of the Cecil operation for patients whose meatus lies on the penile shaft

Major Publications


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Doctor in Australia. Keen interest in internal medicine, medical education, and medical history.

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