Gary Zhang

Doctor in Australia. Keen interest in internal medicine, medical education, and medical history.
Samuel Albert Levine (1891 - 1966) 340 2
Samuel A. Levine
Samuel Albert Levine (1891-1966) Polish-American cardiologist. Eponym: Levine sign; Levine grading scale; Lown-Ganong-Levine
Hulusi Behçet (1889 - 1948) 340
Hulûsi Behçet
Hulusi Behçet (1889 - 1948) was a Turkish dermatologist. Behçet disease (1936) ‘triple symptom complex’ of mouth aphthous ulcers, genital ulcers, and recurrent iritis
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Behçet Disease
Behçet disease: chronic, multisystemic inflammatory condition involving small and large vessels of unknown aetiology. Characterised by the triad of recurrent oral aphthous ulcers, genital ulcers, and iridocyclitis with or without hypopyon.
Heinrich Irenaeus Quincke (1842 - 1922) 340 1
Heinrich Quincke
Heinrich Irenaeus Quincke (1842 - 1922) was a German physician. Quincke's name is eponymous with Quincke's pulse (1868), Quiuncke's oedema (1882), Quincke's achorion (1886), and Quincke's puncture (1891).
Louis Nelson Katz (1897-1973) 1
Louis Nelson Katz
Louis Nelson Katz (1897-1973) was an American cardiologist. Katz is eponymously associated with Katz-Wachtel phenomenon (1937)
Paul Wilhelm Heinrich Langerhans (1847 - 1888) 340
Paul Langerhans
Paul Wilhelm Heinrich Langerhans (1847 - 1888) was a German pathologist, physiologist and biologist. Langerhans cell (1868) of the immune system, and islets of Langerhans (1869) in the pancreas
Camillo Bozzolo (1845-1920) 340
Camillo Bozzolo
Camillo Bozzolo (1845-1920) was an Italian pathologist and physician. Bozzolo sign (1887) Visible pulsation of the arteries within the nasal mucosa.