Jo Deverill

Jo is an emergency medicine specialist based on the Sunshine Coast. He has qualifications in high fidelity simulation, aeromedical retrieval and point of care ultrasound, and a special interest in educational videography | @FlippEM |
POCUS-Physics-4 340
POCUS Physics 4
Ever wondered how harmonics actually work? Why you can hear Daft Punk through concrete? Who or what ALARA is? Where you can find a camembert sandwich? All this - and more - in the fourth penetrating episode of POCUS Physics!
Ultrasound physicis LITFL
POCUS Physics 101
The first vid in a series on ultrasound physics: featuring a Beluga whale, a game of blind man's buff, and Fourier analysis of a dog turd.
UCEM-logo 340
The Art of Sloughing
Your first referral to an inpatient team can be daunting. As a waiting room MUPPET it is often your first opportunity to put into practice lessons learned from years of medical pimping. The UCEM hopes to demonstrate through a series of video tutorials, the alternate sloughing methods employed by internal specialists. Awareness of sloughing tactics will greatly assist in refining your referral skills.
The STEM Programme
The STEM Programme – Simulation Training in Emergency Medicine – has come to an end after 4 years on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Here is the story of child actors, fake blood, clingfilm, fire engines, Laerdal skin and imagination gone wild.…