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SAS2023 is the Safe Airway Society's annual education event happening in Sydney on Saturday 28 October 2023.

Q&A with Anne Creaton

One month to go until the Spring Seminar on Emergency Medicine, and here's our final Q&A. We've saved the biggest questions until last.

Q&A with Deon Strydom

A woman bleeding to death from an ectopic. No power. The hospital has burnt down. You have a foot pump, a cigarette lighter, and Deon Strydom.

Q&A with Shannon Baso

What's the best antidote to a hangover? Is 3-strikes-and-you're out fair? Why go peripheral? And how do you get a Gold Medal?

Q&A with Warren Adie

Touching a nerve on tribalism, the doughnut sign, life in Alice, gravel rash, beanies and cossack dancing... in pumps.

Q&A with Michaela Cartner

Do EM docs have untidy bedrooms? What is a flip frenzy? The most overhyped thing ever in ICU? And the best machine that goes ping?

Q&A with Andy Buck

... on ETM vs ATLS, trauma tricks, dogma, the next big thing, personal Achilles' heels, and irrational phobiassss...

Q&A with Tatiana Lowe

The Communication Toolbox, touch, masks, being a tomboy, misdemeanours in a sleeping bag, and how an excellent bedside manner can give you scabies - on your butt.

Q&A with Rob McDonald

Magic mushrooms, free-falling, and the mouth feel of a fruit bat with Rob McDonald: NP, knife enthusiast and ventilation educator.

Q&A with Aisling Fleury

Ais Fleury, geriatrician, is this week’s guide to ageism, moral injury, quinoa porridge, self-care, vertical cliffs and P-P-P-Penguins.

Q&A with Vijay Manivel

Dopplerhead alert! Top secret tricks, spectacular ultrasound saves, how to probe your own head and... Vijay's dietary kryptonite. BLECH!