Tane Eunson

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In-game heat management 340
A Touch Extreme
Sports medicine at the Touch World Cup in Malaysia. Traveling as the Australian team doctor, thorough medical preparation was critical when the tournament posed significant challenges playing in extremely hot conditions
Extinguishing Medical Errors with Oil and Gas
Unfortunately for patients and healthcare workers alike, medical errors happen. No matter how well-trained and experienced the practitioner, underneath the scrubs there still resides a human and errors will follow. However, systems can be put in place to minimise them…
Super Docs 2.0
An insight to Crusaders SuperRugby, pitch side trauma and sports medicine management with Dr Deb Robinson
Super Docs
As a typical kiwi bloke, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool rugby fanatic (pardon the sheep reference). So when opportunities with two Super Rugby franchises arose for me in the past year, I picked the ball up and sprinted for the posts. As…