Being More Than A Bystander

Being More Than A Bystander – Christine Lai

Unprofessional behaviours by health professionals, in hospitals, are associated with a significantly increased risk of preventable patient complications.

Such behaviours result in an environment that results in increased, and unnecessary psychological stress of health professionals and resulting in teams not working to the best of their ability.

Flattening the hospital hierarchy creates an environment where team members feel safe to speak up, without fear of reprisal and knowing their opinion will be given appropriate consideration.

Speaking up and calling out inappropriate behaviours, in a respectful, non judgmental manner will result in the majority of people modifying their behaviour.

Improving the culture of our workplaces will result in people wanting to go to work, improved team communication and performance, and ultimately better patient outcomes.

Dr Christine Lai FRACS FACS is a Senior Staff Specialist on the Breast Endocrine Unit in the Division of Surgery at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in Adelaide, South Australia. She also holds an appointment as a Senior Lecturer at The University of Adelaide and is the Supervisor of General Surgical Training at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Calvary Hospital North Adelaide.

In addition, Dr Lai a Fellowship elected Councillor on the bi-national within the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) Council and the Chair of Women in Surgery Committee, in addition to serving on multiple national and state level committees. She is a . She has been involved with championing the RACS Building Respect and Improving Cultural Safety campaigns, Diversity & Inclusion Plan and and is the Chair of the Foundation Skills for Surgical Educators course working group.

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