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Education and CommunicationJenny VaughanDefending Bawa-Garba: When Healthcare Becomes a CrimePatient safety, gross negligence manslaughter, Sellu, Bawa-Garba, medical crime, Learn Not Blame
Education and CommunicationOli FlowerCommunicating with Graphicsgraphics, creativity, design, communication, presentation, brainstorm, art, medicine, style, pitch, advertising
Clinical Critical CareSimon FinferSaving lives from sepsisClinical Trials, Critical Care, RCT's, Sepsis, Evidence Based Medicine, EBM,
Clinical Critical CareSalim RezaieTranexamic Acid UpdateMechanical CPR, OHCA, Stroke, Intubation, Bougie, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Resuscitation, CPR, Adrenaline for Cardiac Arrest, Stroke Ambulances
Clinical Critical CareAidan BaronEmergency Literature Hot updatesEmergency Medicine, Resuscitation, Critical care, Literature review 2018, Prehospital Medicine, Paramedic 2 trial, Public response, First Responder, Cardiac Arrest, Bystander CPR,Adrenaline, Airways
Medical InnovationGlenn SinglemanCognitive bias and risk in extreme sportCognitive Bias, Risk Management, Extreme Sport,Healthcare,High Performance teams,Innovation, Critical Care, Science, Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care
Medical InnovationPhil DobsonThe Psychology of Creativity Phil DobsonCreativity Innovation Problem solving Divergent thinking A-ha moments Psychology Neuroscience
Education and CommunicationRoss FisherCreativity in Presentationsp3, presentations, present, creativity, engage, powerpoint, slides, talks
Clinical Critical CareKen MilneBest Emergency Medicine literature 2018/19Emergency Medicine, Critical care, Literature review 2018 2019, Lomaghi trial, Medical Expulsive therapy, Renal stones, Tamsulosinn, Iota study, Oxygen in Critical care, Triage Nurse, C-spine clearance, Aromatherapy
Medical Career and WellbeingPeter Brindley, Khairil MusaPerforming Arts and MedicinePacific Island Playlist, Music. Dance. Intensive Care,Wellbeing, Work life balance Bereavement
Clinical Critical CareAshley Liebig, Reuben Strayer and panelRoad to Resus: Pre-hospital Resuscitationpre-hospital resuscitation, Trauma, Prehospital, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Airway, Blood, Sepsis, Steroids, Bougie, Human Factor, Communication trauma
Clinical Critical CareAshley Liebig, Reuben Strayer and panelRoad to Resus 2: Resus in EmergencyPrehospital, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Airway, Blood, Sepsis, Steroids, Bougie, Human Factor, Communication
Clinical Critical CareAshley Liebig, Reuben Strayer and panelRoad to Resus 3: Trauma in the ICUIntensive care, Trauma, Ventilation, Sepsis, Steroids, Equality, Gender equity, Resuscitation
Medical Community and AdvocacyEsther ChooGender Equality in Healthcareadvocacy, equity, equality, gender, workplace, healthcare, diversity, inclusion
Clinical Critical CarePaul YoungCritical Care Nutrition: Are the Critically Ill Actually Hungry?nutrition, crtitical illness, diet, calories, Target trial, EDEN trial, clinical trials, trophic feeing, outcomes, intensivecare, icu
Clinical Critical CareJeremy FaustSepsis: What even IS “usual care” now?sepsis, evidence-based medicine, emergency medicine, vitamin C, Clovers, research, trials
Medical Community and AdvocacyHugh MontgomeryFraming the issue: when climate change is a medical emergencyclimate, emergency, health, healthcare, montgommery, Carbon emissions, crisis, global warming, public health
Medical Career and WellbeingMichelle JohnstonCreativity in: FictionCreativity, writing fiction
Clinical Crit CareRoss FisherPaediatric Constipationpaediatric, constipation, Bowel history, bowel motion, Hirschsprung Disease, Ano-rectal malformation,
Community & AdvocacyEsther ChooGender Equality in Healthcareadvocacy, equity, equality, gender, workplace, healthcare, diversity, inclusion
Medical Community and AdvocacyRob GoreHealthcare and Gun Violence: Kings Against ViolenceTrauma, violence, public health, conflict, advocacy, Emergency Medicine, Public Health, Guns, Assault, KAVI,
Medical Career and WellbeingAndrew DaviesWellbeing for healthcare providers: The 3R's - Restrest, sleep habits, wellbeing, performance, health, deprivation, hygiene, quality, quantity, nap, satisfaction, burnout, teamwork, patients, practitioner wellbeing, Sleep, Critical care, Emergency Medicine, Work life balance, burnout, anaesthesia
Medical Career and WellbeingNatalie MayWellbeing for healthcare providers: The 3R's - Reflectionprehospital, life lessons, reflections, wisdom, wellbeing, burnout, Emergency medicine, Critical care
Medical Career and WellbeingLiz CroweWellbeing for healthcare providers: The 3R's - ReinvigorateCritical Care, HEMS, Wellbeing, Reflection, burnout, Emergency medicine, Anaesthesia
Clinical Critical CareGavin PerkinsDrugs in cardiac arrest: Should we bother?Gavin Perkins, Cardiac arrest, adrenaline, epinephrine, vasopressors, CPR, Mechanical CPR, ILCOR
Education and CommunicationSMACC Sim Team: Claire RichmondStrategies for dealing with high emotion in the workplace - Session 1Debrief, simulation, Critical care, simulation, Debrief, Emotion, Cognitive Overload, Stress, Stress Reaction, Facilitator, Strategies
Education and CommunicationSMACC Sim Team; Chris Hicks, Jesse SpurrStrategies for dealing with high emotion in the workplace - Session 2Fear and cognitive bias, Fear, Cognitive Bias, Mental Rehearsal, dual coding theory, emotion, critical care, resuscitation
Education and CommunicationSMACC SIM Team; Jenny RudolphStrategies for dealing with high emotion in the workplace - Session 3Critical Care, Practice Improvement, Peer Feedback, psychological safety, Body movement, coaching, informed consent, protective conversation
Education and CommunicationSMACC Sim Team: Jessica Stokes-Parish, Renee Lim, Claire RichmondStrategies for dealing with high emotion in the workplace - Session 4Stereotypes, human emotions, reactions, role plays, actors, immersive teaching
Medical Career and WellbeingFiona ReillyCreativity in: A medical careercreativity, emergency medicine, creative writing
Clinical Critical CareAlex PsiridesIs Intensive Care becoming an out-of-hours acute palliative care service?Patient deterioration, end-of-life, palliative care,
Clinical Critical CareJason BowmanUltrasound in the Fieldultrasound, emergency medicine, field medicine, critical care
Clinical Critical CareClaire SeiffertTargeted Temperature Management: will we ever be cold again?Targeted temperature management, 33 degrees, 36 degrees, prognostication, cooling
Clinical Critical CareTodd RiceOptimise don’t compromise, peri-intubation physiologyisotonic crystalloids, saline, resuscitation, colloids
Clinical Critical CareJohn VassiliadisHow do be Mr Spock or Roger Federer when dealing with kidsHuman Factors, paediatrics, sepsis, fluids,seizures, asthma, bronchiolitis
Clinical Critical CareAlister MartinDishing out opioids in the Emergency DepartmentOpioids, MAT, ED-MAT, Buprenorphine, Leadership
Clinical Critical CareAlice MaNew Tricks in the Brain Cath LabStroke thrombectomy ECR penumbra
Medical Career and WellbeingRoger Harris, Oli FlowerSMACC 2019 Opening CeremonySMACC opening
Education and CommunicationVictoria BrazilTechnology vs Learning: Are We Winning Yet?technology, learning, education, ethics, powerpoint
Education and CommunicationChris HicksHigh Performance Teams: The Secrets of SuccessContagion, psychological safety, teamwork
Clinical Critical CareDes GormanRehabilitation post Traumatic Brain InjuryDes Gorman, Post Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cognitive impairment,
Medical Career and WellbeingGrace Leo & Hugh MontgomeryWhat is Creativity?medicine, creativity, art, writing, poetry,
Clinical Critical CareBarbra BackusThe latest on Myocardial InfarctionChest pain, HEART score, high sensitive troponin
Medical Career and WellbeingCelia BradfordI Don’t Trust Doctorstrust, doctors, medicine, history, belief, faith, doctor, patient
Education and CommunicationSimon CarleyThe Power of Peer Feedback in Medicinepeer review, feedback, medical education, calibration, excellence, self actualisation
Education and CommunicationVictoria Brazil, Jenny Rudolph, Eve PurdyLearning better together: Negotiating Autonomy at the Point of Caresupervision, conversations, learning
Clinical Critical CareEmily FitzgeraldOutcomes following Brain InjuryNeuro critical care, outcome assessment,
Clinical Critical CarePeter BrindleyLactate in Critical Care: Mind the Gap!lactate, lactate gap, diagnostic tools, Brindley blood
Clinical Critical CareRhonda CadenaWake up Thrombolysis - MRI guided - An EM PerspectiveThrombolysis, stroke, CVA
Clinical Critical CareBill KnightMild TBI / Concussion: Burden on work, family and financesConcussion, mild TBI, head injury, traumatic brain injury,
Clinical Critical CareGanesh SuntharalingamIn the eye of the storm: managing a genetically engineered mass casualtyTGN1412 monoclonal antibody drug trial
Medical Community & AdvocacyLaura RockICU through their EyesPatient perspective, Emotion before cognition, Emotion‚ Patient-centered, Family-centered, Patient experience, Empathy, Critical Care Communication, ICU Family Meeting
Medical Community & AdvocacyMary-Jo McVeighChildhood Trauma: We can all make a differenceChildhood trauma, Abuse, Human Rights, Recovery,
Medical Community & AdvocacyDara KassLive(r) Lifeorgan donation, parenthood, resilience, liver, family,
Education & CommunicationLaura Rock and Jenny RudolphManaging interprofessional conflict at the bedsideCommunication, interprofessional conflict,
Education & CommunicationSMACC Sim TeamHigh emotion in the workplace: Session 5chris nickson, react, accept, reset, engage, hinds, rudolph, RARE, patient advocates, resuscitation, communication, SMACC, psychology
Clinical Critical careHugh MontgomeryMuscle wasting in ICU: Fat, Feed and Futilitymuscle wasting, intensive care, ICU, critical illness weakness, CIW, CIAW, critical illness associated weakness, myopathy, neuropathy, fat, nutrition, futility
Clinical Critical careAlice MaClot retrieval for stroke in the extended time windowStroke thrombectomy, ECR, penumbra, extended time, timing, CVA, stroke, endovascular clot retrieval
Clinical Critical careRhonda CadenaIntracranial Hypertension and HerniationIntracranial Hypertension, Herniation, ICP, brain, neuro, neurosurgery, practice variation, osmotherapy, decompression, EVD
Medical careeer & WellbeingLiz CroweUnravelling Grief and Lossgrief, loss, death, intensive care, icu, coping, sit in the rubble
Clinical Critical careJohn MyburghIs less best in critical care?less is best, less, critical care, intensive care, icu, technology, physiology, ecmo, dialysis, over-treatment, haemodynamics, reductionism, numerology, reductionism vs numerology, decision making, ethics, physiological fallacy
Medical career & WellbeingPeter Brindley and Khairil MusaPacific Island Playlist: Dance and MedicineDance and Medicine, daughter, medicine, song, music
Medical career & WellbeingPeter Brindley and Louise SayersPacific Island Playlist: Death and compassionPacific Island Playlist, Music, Dance, Bereavement
Medical Career & WellbeingPeter Brindley and Anne CreatonPacific Island Playlist: Emergency Medicine in FijiPacific Island Playlist, Music, Dance, Fiji
Clinical Critical careAndrew DixonFascinating neuro scans: Classic CT brain pathologyCT, stroke, ICH, SDH, anatomy, hypoxic ischaemic injury, hypertension, ventricles, sulci, hydrocephalus, intraventricular haemorrhage, radiology, radiologist, brain, CNS, intracerebral haemorrhage, subdural, tbi, traumatic brain injury, herniation syndromes, hypoxic brain injury, DAI, diffuse axonal injury
Clinical Critical careAndrew Dixon Top 5 common misses in trauma imagingtrauma, ct, ct scan, common injuries, survey, radiology, diaphragmatic injury, pelvic bleeding, wood foreign body, sternal fracture
Clinical Critical careLinda DurojaiyeTransforming care by minimising harmQuality and safety, Paediatric Emergency, iatrogenic, complications, harm, harm in healthcare, quality assurance, safety
Clinical Critical careJohn Myburgh, Paul Young and Todd RiceThe Great(est) Fluid DebateFluids, resuscitation, organ failure, iatrogenesis
Clinical Critical careHallie PrescottBack-end sepsis: de-escalating & de-resuscitatingsepsis, intensive care,critical care, post-sepsis, back-end sepsis, rde-escalation, re-resuscitation, SIRS, rehabilitation, rehab, hospital,
Clinical Critical careReal world outcomes from TBIReal world outcomes from TBITBI, trauma, traumatic brain injury
Clinical Critical careBec NogajskiHow to teamleadership, team, teamwork, teaming, follow, safety
Clinical Critical careDavid CarrA diagnostic challenge: Turning a Zebra into a HorseZebra, horse, Encephalitis, Psychosis
Clinical Critical careJustin MorgensternPaediatric analgesiaPediatrics, analgesia, sucrose, paediatrics, pain, topical, regional analgesia, children, procedures, intranasal, fentanyl, midazolam, emergency medicine, critical care
Clinical Critical careGerrie PotgieterBlood or brain? Head CT updatesCT brain, radiology, anatomy, emergency
Clinical Critical careSteve WebbThe economic value of large-scale clinical trials in intensive careClinical Trials, Value of Information
Clinical Critical careAdam RehakAirway management: a team sport, not a technical skillairway, airways, vortex, team, teams, anaethetics, anesthetics,
Clinical Critical careKat EvansMaternity Mayhem: Emergency management of Pre-eclampsiamaternal death, maternal mortality, maternal morbidity, south africa, africa, global south, childbirth, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, hyertension, seizures, seizure, proteinuria, obstetrics, obstetric, emergency, magnesium

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