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The Time for Ultrasound is Now

Health care providers who phantom or "quick look" ultrasound examine are causing the viral spread of an epidemic, which we can minimize by responsibly utilizing ultrasound inpatient care and by implementing the coaching that artificial intelligence provides.
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Multimodal monitoring

Brandon Foreman delivers a rapid-fire talk on assessing stroke symptoms; using EEG after acute brain injury; and advanced multimodality monitoring.
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Mild TBI and Concussion

Concussions have gained lay person attention over the past several years, due to high profile media stories from military conflict and professional sports.Also known as "mild" TBI, concussion affects millions of patients worldwide
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ICP Threshold Debate

ICP Threshold Debate: Wilson vs Myburgh Mark Wilson and John Myburgh discuss intracranial pressure. Some fundamentals, some history to put it all in perspective and all the issues with focusing on just one number. Fascinating insights from two true experts.…