Brain Cooling – who and how?

Brain Cooling – who and how? with Kelly Harbour

Cooling the severely brain injured patient in the intensive care unit is far from straight forward.

  • Who should be cooled and when?
  • What do you call a fever, and is this the same as the bedside nurse?
  • When should we start, and when should we not?
  • What would make you stop?

This talk will explore the cooling journey of a critically unwell brain injured patient in a neuroscience intensive care unit. It will expose all the potential challenges, questions and pitfalls of cooling at the bedside, and suggest some ways to overcome these.

Kelly Harbour: Working primarily in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Kelly is passionate about practising and supporting excellence in critical care nursing. Outside of work she is into camping, swimming, surfing and hanging out with her beautiful family!

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