Camille Biot

Camille Biot (1850 – 1918)

Camille Biot (1850 – 1918) was a French physician. 

  • Most famous for describing Biot breathing.


  • Born 19 December 1850 Chatenoy-le-Royal, France
  • Intern at Hôtel Dieu Hospital in Lyon, France
  • Practiced in Maçon in 1875
  • Became member of L’Académie de Maçon
  • Died in Maçon in 1918

Medical Eponyms

Biot respiration (1876) Biot named it “rhythme meningitique” as it was first described in a 16 year old patient with tuberculous meningitis.Irregular and rapid breathing pattern with rhythmical pauses lasting 10-30s, sometimes alternating between periods of apnoea and tachypnoea. Does not have the characteristic crescendo-decrescendo pattern attributed to Cheyne-Stokes breathing

Major Publications


  • Similar patterns of breathing were described in Armand Trousseau’s textbook ‘Clinique Medicale de l’Hotel-Dieu de Paris’ in 1865, as well as in ‘Traite de pathologie interne’ by Sigismond Jaccoud in 1883.
  • Over time, Biot’s breathing has been erroneously interchanged with the terms ‘cluster breathing’ and ‘ataxic breathing’


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