Carl Langenbuch

Carl Johann August Langenbuch (1846 – 1901) was a German surgeon.

Langenbuch was a pioneer in hepatobiliary surgery and performed the first cholecystectomy at the Lazarus Hospital in Berlin in July 1882


  • Born 20 August 1846, Kiel, Germany
  • Died 9 June 1901, Berlin, Germany

Key Medical Attributions

Carl Langenbuch, der die Ektomie erfand und für die Ausführung der Choledochotomie, Choledocho-Duodenostomie und Cholangio-Enterostomie ganz genaue Anleitung gab, verdient den Namen “Meister.”… Langenbuch hat in der Chirurgie der Gallenwege überhaupt alles ersonnen, was zu ersinnen war, und so ist es bisher diesem einen Meister geblieben

Hans Kehr 1913

Carl Langenbuch, who first devised ectomy and who gave detailed instruction for choledochotomy, choledochoduodenostomy and cholangioenterostomy, deserves the name “master.”… In the surgery of the biliary passages Langenbuch has thought out everything that was to be thought out, and so far he has remained the only master

Hans Kehr 1913
  • Poor uptake of operation (first performed 15 July, 1882 at Lazaruskrankenhaus)
  • Review in 1896 (Cholecystectomy versus Cholecystotomy) with Comparative table [James McFadden Gaston (1824-1903)]
Cholecystectomy versus Cholecystotomy Gaston 1896 table

Major Publications



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