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Q&A with Tatum Bond

...on heritage, Closing the Gap, flying, fear, haggis, fear of haggis, and the most beautiful place in Queensland. The secret is out.

Q&A with Emma Lawrey

What WASH stands for, how to wear flowers in your hair, and why your ED isn't a disaster zone. PLUS: Easy 1-minute comfort food recipe.

Q&A with Doug Feinbloom

Peanuts, ass cracks and Queensland's record for the most junior solo intubation. With Doug Feinbloom, our favourite SWAT paramedic FACEM.

The NHS and net-zero emissions

Coda EARTH: Nick Watts discusses why the NHS has committed to a net-zero target in 2040, for the carbon emissions that they control directly and a target of 2045 for the broader emissions they can influence

Medical misinformation and conspiracy

Coda CURE: The challenge of balancing public health and the law, with personal responsibility and freedom, is driven by access to information. We need to invest in public awareness, reflect on the learnings from COVID and use that for messaging at scale.