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Honey, I shrunk the wound

Honey has been used for wound care throughout history, from c.2600 until the 1940s when antibiotics replaced it. However, due to increasing drug resistance, hospitals are starting to research honey for wound care again
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Buckle up, traveler

Everyone knows that you can get rabies/ETEC/Giardia when you're out in the wild or traveling. What people don't mention frequently are the main causes of getting hurt or killed while traveling.
EBM Gone Wild sea 340

Stop peeing on it!

Many beach locations recommend the use of vinegar for jellyfish stings, and some go so far as to stock it at lifeguard(surf rescue) stations. But why did they decide to do that? Were there lots of studies performed?
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Along came a spider

Black widow spider bites, while rare enough in the actual world, are often present at ABEM General. How many know what to do for these patients when they present to the ED?