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Surgical airways in the field

Surgical airways have fallen out of favor in the hospital setting due to the advent of RSI and supraglottic airway devices, and now represent less than 3% of attempted intubations. In the prehospital setting, they can represent up to nearly 15% of attempts, however.
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So what is a wilderness fellowship?

Wilderness medicine is at the point in medical education where it is trying to define itself. Sure, people have practiced it for a long time, arguably since the advent of first aid. But when you try to pin down what the field encompasses, you have trouble doing just that.
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Stop skin testing antidotes

This post came from a question received in our simulation lab a couple of weeks ago. Mainly, there was a simulated patient with latrodectus envenomation, and there was a fair amount of discussion about skin testing prior to administration on…

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Wound closure on a budget

Cyanoacrylates (CAs), have been around since the 1940s, and have been used for wounds since Vietnam. Therefore, it is odd to consider that the FDA did not approve their use for skin until 1998.
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Base jumping and wingsuits

BASE jumping. Yet another one of the "extreme sports" that has come to the forefront by increases in technology combined with the human desire to do new things.
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Hypothermia: A history

With much of the US experiencing colder than normal temperatures, a timely post about hypothermia is in order. This post won’t talk about therapies though, instead it will discuss a neat little article from Resuscitation published as free open access…

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Do ski helmets cause risk compensation?

Tragic news from the French Alps this week. Michael Schumacher, who successfully navigated a Formula 1 career without severe injury, fell at the Meribel ski resort. Reports are that he was skiing with company and wearing a helmet. However, he…

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Piranha attacks

70 people were injured in a piranha attack in Argentina on Christmas Day. While nobody was killed, one can imagine the panicked atmosphere present as bathers who were simply trying to cool off were suddenly involved in a fish biting…

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Denim as snake bite protection?

Denim pants, worn since 1873 by workers, and since the 50s by everyone else, have had a reduction in their use as outdoor clothing due to the emergence of performance hiking apparal. What if it turns out denim protects you from envenomation?
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Predicting altitude sickness?

At the time this paper was written (1995), we did not have a good way to predict which people would likely develop acute mountain sickness. We still don’t have a good way, but that isn’t keeping investigators from trying to…