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When I Am In Doubt

Glenn Colquhoun writes poetry on some of the days he doesn't want to be a doctor. His book '‘Playing God’' is well worth reading and includes 'When I Am In Doubt - A Poem for Surgeons'
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Cough or kill

I am a belligerent skeptic of over-the-counter cough and cold medications. I've been this way since well before I ever entertained the idea of being a doctor.
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The Uncertainty of Truth

LITFL highlights the 'Uncertainty of Truth' from the 'Dispatches from the FOAM Frontier' series published by Emergency Medicine Australasia.
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132 ways to shock yourself

Viennese physician Stefan Jellinek (1878-1968) produced the book Elektroschutz in 132 Bildern (Electrical Protection in 132 Pictures) in 1931 the definitive collection of early 20th century German methods of accidental electrocution.
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Off to see the Wizard

Unless you're planning to audition for your local production of "The Wizard of Oz" don't use Coldargan (0·85 mg silver protein, 0·68 mg ephedrine levulinate, 0·24 mg sodium levulinate, and 0·075 mg calcium levulinate per drop) topical vascoconstrictor for your runny nose!
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Hey, hey you... have you seen Nurse Ratched?... there is one you know, somewhere around here

Forgetting the Unforgettable

A young woman sat quietly in her hospital bed. Beside her the morning sunlight bathed her newborn son, asleep through the chatter of the cicadas outside. The doctor smiled. The baby was perfectly formed. “What is your baby’s name?”, asked…

MedTwitter winner Mugele rules

Top 10 ways to WIN at MedTwitter

Ever wondered where to start on Twitter? How to become an 'expert' at MedTwitter? Josh Mugele lends a helping hand with the Mugele MedTwitter rules of engagement
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Popular Misconceptions About Evolution

Ask the average lay person what they take the word evolution to mean, and few will reply “the change in the genetic frequency of a population over time”. The lack of understanding can be further evidenced by US figures where only 45% of people hold true the statement “human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals”.
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Top 10 Food for Emergencies

Every emergency department needs to keep a well-stocked pantry. No, not just so that the night staff can survive the torture of middle-of the-night hunger pains. Different types of food can save lives in medical emergencies, or at least help take away a whole lot of suffering...Top ten list of food items that could help in a medical emergency