Michelle Johnston

Emergency physician. Lives for teaching and loves clinical work, but with social media, she is like the syndromic cousin in the corner who gets brought out and patted on the head once in a while | Literary Medicine | @eleytherius | Website |
How to be EPIC LITFL
How to Be Kind
I seem to constantly skirt trouble. Writing and medicine are fractious bedfellows – a marriage not always congenial. Recently I missed the turnoff to wisdom...
How to be EPIC LITFL
How to Read an ECG
Interpreting ECG’s is trickier than you think. One must have a system that will stand up to the pummel of ED situations and environmental influences
The BIG Picture
The Big Picture
Do we accept our fate, knowing we – you and I – will be dead and decomposing by the time the real horror sets in? Or do we love the land under our feet enough, the sparkle of cool water, the colour of a billion birds and insects, and, of course, our fellow humans