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No Coffee No Anaesthesia

Twenty Twitter Rules

Gregory Miller, MD is a Twitter recent-adopter and provides Twenty Twitter Rules from 'the novice perspective' on getting involved in #FOAMed Twittersphere
Bubbles in the Wilderness

Bubbles in the Wilderness

There have been many discussions and debates about the role of FOAM (free open-access meducation) in medical education, the pros, the cons and whether or not, it really is useful. It may not be for everyone, yet for some individuals…

The road ahead for FOAM

Aidan Baron shares his view of the road ahead for FOAM/ #FOAMed: Information Overload, Content Consolidation, Sourcing Quality and Delivering Diversity.
FOAM-LITFL-FOAMed FOAM 340 Conversation

FOAM, a deontological ethos

Michael Jasumback, arch-Devil's Advocate of FOAM, is back. He sent us this essay, in pure violation of the recommendation not to drink and write, and it would be remiss of it not to share it with the world.

Busting the clotbusters (from SMACC 2013)

As revenge for an incident best left unmentioned, Chris Nickson of litfl.com handed me the poisoned chalice of speaking on tPA for stroke at SMACC 2013. This is the result. (Un)fortunately there is no actual video footage as I wasn’t…

Imagining the future

The theme of this session was "Imagining the Future" featuring Kendall Ho, Mike Cadogan and Stephen Atherton. It's long, but there is some good stuff in there. Excuse the mumbling chairman...and the lack of audio in some parts of the Q+A after the talks.


This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of posts by new underneathEM.com recruit Dr Kate Field, an Emergency Physician based at Calvary Hospital in Hobart. In this episode, Kate takes a look at the dogma and…


The Hypocritic Corpus

As I stand over this: Screaming human? Patchwork Scarred Scared Amphetamine fuelled Pulsing rage, With a syringe of midazolam -fantazaslam! Invoking the Mental Health Act, As if I believe in it -The gospel according to psychiatry I realise this does…

The audacity of FOAMed

Mike Cadogan raising a glass to the audacity of FOAMed. Image created by underneathEM.com author Domhnall Brannigan (after Shepard Fairey and commissioned by Chris Nickson). Mike has just written an explanatory piece on the birth of FOAMed on LITFL.com here.

Come Join the FOAM Party!

The dinner speech "Come Join The FOAM Party" at Bedside Critical Care 2012 is now a podcast on the Intensive Care Network. Probably goes down best with a few beers on board!