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CORE and FOAMres

CORE offers free access to millions of research papers and host the world’s largest collection of open access full texts. CORE is a not-for-profit service delivered by The Open University and Jisc
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Riding the FOAM of ECG Waves

FOAMed movement has facilitated access to myriad online educational resources and journals, previously locked behind a paywall. ecgwaves update for all LITFL readers who enjoy putting the F into FOAM...
FOAM-LITFL-FOAMed FOAM 340 Conversation

Leonard Cohen and FOAM

The concept of implementing a baseline for global healthcare provision was discussed with Leonard Cohen - musician, poet and philosopher - 2013 Melbourne.

Is FOAM at fault?

A medical practitioner learns something from FOAM, puts it into practice and things go wrong... Who is at fault?

Forget Social Media… Get #FOAMed!

Of course SMACC — the physical embodiment of emergency medicine and critical care FOAM — wouldn’t have been complete without a Mike Cadogan rant. So, it was only fitting that he kicked off Day 2 of SMACC and the Social Media and Critical…


GoogleFOAM is a boon to 'just in time' learning — and for teachers and FOAM creators too. Check it out!

We don’t need no FOAM Curriculum

The past few months have seen enthusiastic discussions of the need for a FOAM curriculum among users of free open access med(ical e)ducation. This topic was also in the spotlight at SMACC during the education plenary and the SMACC Q&A…

FOAM-LITFL-FOAMed FOAM 340 Conversation

Letters to the Editor 2.0

Scott Weingart gives an example of why the traditional 'Letter to the Editor' found in medical journals is dead. There is a better way!

FOAMed Mongolia

So brilliant to see #FOAMed resources being used around the world. Here is an example of resources being used in Mongolia...