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The Blood And Guts Shift

24 hours in the Liverpool Royal Southern Hospital casualty department, blood and guts shift in 1975. Although the times, people and process have changed - some things stay the same.
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They meant well

I am a doctor who questions a lot of medical dogma. Perhaps my own, somewhat sad medical story at least in part explains this oppositional personality trait. Valendar F Turner FRACS FACEM In 1950, when I was five years old,…

Sir William Osler (1849- 1919) 340 2

Lessons from Osler 003

The art of observation is central to the art of medicine, and William Osler was its greatest teacher. Here are some more lessons from the master.
Sir William Osler (1849- 1919) 340 2

Lessons from Osler 002

William Osler teaches us that a sense of humor and fun helps doctors fight off stress, connect with others, and stops them from taking themselves too seriously.
Sir William Osler (1849- 1919) 340 2

Lessons from Osler 001

The Master Word for success in medicine, according to William Osler, is Work. But in the Generation Y era of lifestyle above all else, isn't work a dirty word?
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History of Emergency Medicine

The history of emergency medicine in Australia and New Zealand has paralleled developments in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, although the models of emergency care exhibit some variation between systems, and between institutions within these systems
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Smith, Bell, and the Art of Observation

Sir Sydney Smith had humble beginnings in a village at the heart of the Otago gold fields, near the southern tip of New Zealand. After a stint in the New Zealand Army during the First World War and a colourful career as a medical investigator in colonial Egypt, he went on to hold the Chair of Forensic Medicine in Edinburgh.


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