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Top 10 Foreign Bodies

These are my top 10 foreign bodies, found on X-ray. From time to time little things get lost. Whether you are playing billiards naked in the dark; counting money with your tongue; battling with an electric rolling pin; or just 'slipping' whilst in the shower….
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Pediatric CXR Cases 001

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Radiology Topics, monthly educational, self-guided slides were first published on and peer reviewed by Professor Gibbs and Sean Fox, MD

Konrad Weiss

Biography Born 5 November 1891, Vienna Died 1976 Medical Eponyms Müller-Weiss syndrome (MWS) (1927) Spontaneous osteonecrosis of the tarsal navicular in adults, is a rare cause of chronic medial midfoot pain. Key Medical Attributions Controversies Major Publications Weiss K. [The Kreuzfuchs method…

Christian Doppler

Christian Andreas (Johann) Doppler (1803-1853) was an Austrian physicist and mathematician known principally for his description of the Doppler effect
Herrman Ludwig Blumgart (1895-1977) 340

Herrman Blumgart

Herrman Ludwig Blumgart (1895-1977) was an American physician, cardiologist and pioneer of diagnostic nuclear medicine. Blumgart-Ernstene murmur (1933)
Antonio Palla (1950 - ) Italian radiologist. 340

Antonio Palla

Antonio Palla (1949 - ) is an Italian respiratory and nuclear medicine specialist. Palla sign in pulmonary embolus (1983)