Category Radiology
eponym LITFL 340

Mario Bertolotti

Mario Bertolotti (1876-1957) was an Italian radiologist. Bertolotti syndrome (1917) L5 transverse processes and sacrum Sacralisation

Peter James Kerley

Sir Peter James Kerley (1900-1979) was an Irish radiologist. Kerley was widely published including describing (but not naming) his eponymous lines firstly in 1933 and then in again his textbook in 1950, and widely about TB diagnosis. Kerley lines A, B and C
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Kerley lines

Peter James Kerley first described horizontal lines that he postulated to be peri-vascular lymphatics in patients with mitral stenosis and left ventricular failure
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Rigler sign

Radiographic sign of pneumoperitoneum. Air in the peritoneum and air within the intraluminal spaces outline the luminal and serosal surfaces of the bowel wall.
Leo George Rigler (1896 - 1979) 340

Leo Rigler

Leo George Rigler (1896 - 1979) was an American radiologist. Eponymously affiliated with Rigler sign; Rigler triad (1941) Hoffman-Rigler sign (1965)
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Routine Daily Chest X-ray

Routine Daily Chest X-ray: controversial issue; viewed as an essential tool but is subject to overuse and misinterpretation; no evidence of harm from a more restrictive strategy
C. H. Joseph Chang (1929 - 2017) 340

C. H. Joseph Chang

C. H. Joseph Chang (1929 - 2017) was an American radiologist. Chang sign (CXR finding in pulmonary embolus) decribed in 1965
Shigeo Satomura (1919 - 1960) 340

Shigeo Satomura

Shigeo Satomura (1919 - 1960) was a Japanese scientist. Designed and developed the Doppler Cardiograph, blood-rheograph and trasncutaneous flowmeter