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SMACC 2019 red clinical critical care 340

Road to Resus 2: Resus in Emergency

Pre-hospital Resuscitation: Road to Resus Chapter 1 Ashley Liebig, Reuben Strayer and a panel of experts Three episodes spanning the patient journey from roadside pre-hospital trauma through the emergency and resuscitation rooms to the Intensive Care unit. Episode 1: Pre-hospital…

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Creativity in Fiction

Michelle Johnston exploring the many aspects of creativity which may, or may not, assist you in a life of critical care medicine.
SMACC 2019 red clinical critical care 340

Are the Critically Ill Actually Hungry?

The delivery of nutrition to the critically ill is incredibly complex. There is little evidence that providing standard nutritional requirements of 25K/cal/Kg improves outcome. Foremost amongst this evidence is the TARGET trial, a large randomised controlled trial of 4000 patients in Intensive care
SMACC 2019 red clinical critical care 340

Road to Resus 1: Pre-hospital Resuscitation

Pre-hospital Resuscitation - Road to Resus 1. Ashley and Reuben use a panel of experts to examine some of the major pre-hospital resuscitation controversies including Pre-hospital intubation and blood transfusion.