EMI 032 Living Arrhythmias

The forced re-build of LITFL, affords us the opportunity to review long lost posts buried deep in the rubble of 10 years of words. Currently we are revamping the Emergency Musical Interlude (EMI)

These interludes explore the Good, the Bad and the downright awful musical rants, promos and forays into choral education. We have culled the 100 previously published EMI down to a more manageable 30… before delving further into the audio-educational archives.

Most of the lowlights have been erased…hopefully never to see the light of day again – but some must remain such as Interlude 016 with the unbearable ‘Torture Me‘ and ‘Pitiful’ – …be warned

Cardiology is well represented with some great audio, visual and kinaesthetic learning modalities employed such as Diagnosis Wenkebach from ‘Med 2010 – U of A records’.

The arrhythmia learning construct was based on ‘Living Arrhythmias‘, a film by Dr John C Grammar MD FACC and Michael M Dehn made in 1980. The original soundless recording is a classic resource  which demonstrates various heart rhythms and arrhythmia’s such as PVC’s, PAC’s, AV block, AF, Flutter, LBBB, RBBB, VT, VF and even unsuccessful defibrillation…

Dr JC Grammar and MM Dehn. Bigeminal productions. 1980

Unfortunately things do not always work out so well…

We end with an example a less successful foray into cardiological education. One which would potentially have been better left ‘silent‘.

My favourite comment response form the comment section:

my mom walked in on me watching this song so i switched to porn because it was easier to explain

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