Fomepizole is an alcohol dehydrogenase inhibitor used in management of methanol and ethylene glycol poisoning. It is largely unavailable in Australia or New Zealand but if you are lucky enough to have a supply the details are below: 


  • Loading dose = 15 mg/kg in 100ml of 0.9% saline or 5% dextrose IV over 30 minutes.
  • Maintenance dose = 10 mg/kg in 100ml of 0.9% saline or 5% dextrose IV over 30 minutes every 12 hours for 48 hours.
  • If given for >48 hours you will need to increase the dose to 15 mg/kg to compensate for induction of metabolism.
  • If the patient undergoes dialysis, fomepizole should be given every 4 hours or as a continuous infusion at 1 mg/kg/hour for the entire duration of the haemodialysis


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