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Scombroid Poisoning

Scombroid poisoning occurs after the ingestion of fish with high histamine levels due to improper processing or storage. One of the most common causes of morbidity associated with fish intake
John (Jack) Handyside Barnes (1922-1985)

Jack Barnes

John (Jack) Handyside Barnes (1922-1985) was an Australian medical practitioner and toxinologist. 1964 the first specimens of the small stinger Carukia barnesi (Irukandji)

Irukandji Jellyfish

Irukandji Syndrome - originally a mystery was solved by some self experimentation of Dr Jack Barnes, his nine-year old son and local surf lifesaver. He proved that the thumbnail sized carybdeid (or four tentacled box jellyfish) could cause Irukandji syndrome but placing it on all three of them.

Bluebottle Jellyfish

Bluebottle Jellyfish are not actually a single organism but are made up of zooids. These bluebottles cause thousands of stings each year on Australian beaches and hot water usually provides relief. Major systemic envenoming does not occur (unlike other Physalia stings in other parts of the world).

Blue Bottle Jellyfish

The bluebottle jellyfish is responsible for thousands of stings on Australian beaches each year. Clinical features include intense local pain and dermal erythema. Hot water immersion provides safe symptomatic relief. Unlike Physalia stings in other parts of the world, major systemic envenoming does not occur.

Button Battery Update 3.0

Want to know the latest on button battery management, prevention and immediate care? Look no further than our latest tox offering.

Common Krait

The Tiger Snakes are the only venomous snake in Tasmania and coexist with brown snakes in Australia with similar clinical features in early envenomation. Also behind the brown snake they can also cause death.
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TCA overdose – beyond bicarbonate

A 38 yr old male presents to your ED, 2 hours after ingesting an unknown quantity of amitriptyline (TCA) with a GCS of 13, HR 130, BP96/50. How do you proceed?
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Paracetamol Update

Paracetamol / Acetaminophen Update. Dr Angela Chiew – Australian Clinical Toxicologist and Emergency Staff Specialist