Friedrich Busch

Friedrich Carl Ferdinand Busch (1844 - 1916)

Friedrich Carl Ferdinand Busch (1844 – 1916) was a German surgeon and dentist

  • Born 9 September 1844
  • 1884 – Head of the newly opened Institute of Dental Medicine at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Berlin.
  • Died 8 July 1916

Medical Eponyms
Busch-Hoffa fracture [Hoffa fracture] (1869)

Unicondylar coronal fracture of the lateral femoral condyle. Rare intra-articular distal femur injury. Axial compression to the knee with transmission of the ground reaction force through the tibial plateau to the femoral condyles.


The Busch fracture (archaic term for Mallet finger with avulsion fracture of the proximal portion of the distal phalanx) is in fact Karl David Wilhelm Busch (1826-1881) [Busch W. Über den Abriss der Strecksehne von der Phalanx des Nagelgliedes. Centralblatt für Chirurgie. 1881; 8: 1-5]

Major Publications


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