Giovanni Battista Monteggia

Giovanni Battista Montéggia (1762 – 1815)

Giovanni Battista Montéggia (1762 – 1815) was an Italian surgeon.

1803 – First description of Peroneal Tendon Subluxation [Istituzioni chirurgiche – Volume II p336-341]. Described as ‘among the first’ to give a complete clinical picture of polio

1812 – Described proximal ulna fracture with associated radial head dislocation (Monteggia fracture) but only described as an extension injuryJosé Luis Bado later defined the 4 variants of the ‘Monteggia lesion

1814 – Extripation of os calcis for sarcoma [1859]


  • Born in Laveno, Italy on 8th August 1762.
  • 1779 – Commenced studies at the School of Surgery, Hospital Maggiore in Milan
  • 1781 – Passed surgical exams, University of Pavia
  • 1789 – Published Fasciculi pathologici with detailed description of abscess formation
  • 1790 – Assistant at surgery in Maggiore hospital
  • 1791 – Chief Surgeon at the Royal Prison (studying and managing venereal disease)
  • 1800 – Chief Surgeon at Hospital Maggiore (The ‘Big House’)
  • 1810 – Infected with Syphillis whilst performing autopsy of infected patient

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