Healthcare and Gun Violence

Healthcare and Gun Violence: Kings Against Violence with Rob Gore

According to the WHO, there are more than 400,000 homicides globally each year, with millions more suffering from non-fatal injuries. Our hospitals and emergency departments care for many of these patients; however, many return with repeat injuries or are killed within 5 years. In order to reduce intentional violence, it is necessary to discuss and understand its root causes.

Dr. Gore’s talk touches on some of the root causes of violence and further discuss the program he founded called Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI), a hospital, school and community based intervention as a way of both improving recidivism as it relates to violent trauma and decreasing the incidence of intentional violence overall.

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I am a happy wandering, emergency physician from the Planet Brooklyn. I’m a health nut not because I like the way health food tastes (some of it tastes good) but because I’m trying to hold off prematurely becoming a patient (I’ve got a lot of things I want to do).In my free time, when I’m not annoying my amazing wife or snowboarding, I study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and run a program called KAVI, which focuses on changing the narrative of violent trauma.

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