Henry Milch

Henry Milch (1895 - 1964)

Henry Milch (1895 – 1964) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon.


  • Born December 20, 1895
  • Medical degree from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Founder member of the Association of Amateur Chamber Music Musicians and of the Doctors Orchestra
  • Died 1964

Medical Eponyms

  • Milch shoulder reduction (1938)

Key Medical Attributions

1936Henry Milch first reported this fracture on radiographs of acutely injured knees in three patients.

This avulsion is caused by tension on the iiotibial band at its insertion into the area behind Gerdy’s tubercle. It is usually acquired by injury, with the knee in the partly flexed position, but it may also be produced with the knee in the fully flexed position, if the heel is held medially to the axis of the femur during the internal rotation of the leg

Milch H. Cortical avulsion fracture of the lateral tibial condyle 1936
Anteroposterior view, showing cortical avulsion fracture. Fig 2. Milch 1936

In reviewing the literature, the author could find no clinical information on this interesting lesion. By accident, a reference to the experimental work of Segond was noted. Though no clinical cases are cited in this work, it appears that, in studying the effects of rotation, Segond accurately described the pathology of the type of cortical avulsion fracture which has been mentioned.

Milch 1936

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