High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams: The Secrets of Success – Chris Hicks

The secret of success in teams is not individual behaviour, it’s team-based.

At the core of every elite team is psychological safety – defined as shared belief in a team environment that permits interpersonal risk-taking. Risk in this context means the ability to be open, honest, ask questions, seek input, admit mistakes and drive relentlessly towards being better: key behaviours for high performing team leaders and members alike.

Psychological safety in health care is both elusive and difficult to achieve.Social contagion theory can help explain how each team member can contribute to a study team environment that accelerates group performance.Be a positive emotional contagion. Carry the fire.

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Dr Chris Hicks (@HumanFact0rz) is an emergency physician and trauma team leader at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. His is interested in how teams work, or fail to work, during crisis events. To that end, he has studied all sorts of peculiar stuff, from mental practice to stress inoculation training to resuscitation ergonomics, in an effort to help make teams safer and more effective. Chris is an avid speaker and lecturer, staunch #FOAMed supporter, occasional runner, semi-retired pianist, and proud father of three lunatic boys. He is thrilled completely and truly to be speaking again at SMACC…

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